Theo leaves the bar, and as he walks away with the bar fading into the background behind him, the bar explodes, killing and/or injuring those that still remained. And here’s where the detail comes into play – and sadly, many people that I’ve actually talked to miss this moment – the woman that Theo nudged earlier is one of the injured victims that we see for only a fleeting second or two fleeing the bar in the bomb’s wake. She now has one arm, and is holding her other one in her good hand.

This detail underscores what works for this film – its greatest strength is its realism (cameras are set in at eye level at all times) and it almost feels like it plays out in real time (and that’s because some sequences, like the brilliant “feels like you’re there” car chase, actually do play out in real time). Director Alphonso Cuaron does an amazing job directing, and the acting across the board is stellar. Special mention out to Michael Caine who, it must be said, is pure genius in the role of “Jasper”.

I see lots pf movies as you all know. Some lift my spirits when I feel down, others are strictly laugh fests, some make me ponder the meaning of who and what I am and where do I fit into all this, and some are great to share with my two younger daughters. One of my older daughter’s favorite princess book and movie is “The Princess Bride.” She also liked “The Princess Diaries” and “Enchanted”. But my two younger daughters are into the whole princess thing that is the raged for a certain female age demographic. My wife found a delightful website that sells princess dresses & gifts that are all appropriate for a little princess. And believe me there are also a lot of accessories that are very important.

With all the children’s animated princess films that are accessible such as “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs,” Tangled (2008), “The Little Mermaid” (1989), “Cinderella”, “Beauty and the Beast” (1991), Alladin (1992), “Frozen” (2013), there are an equal number of Princess dresses and outfits that are designed after the clothing of these characters. I think my younger two might have those movie princess outfits, along with the appropriate tiaras, capes, gloves, shoes, jewelry, tutus, wands, and petti-skirts. And there are plenty of generic princess dresses as well that are just as lovely and desirable. SO whenever I invite my little ones to watch a “princess” related movie with me, the event becomes a dress up princess party, which I find to be perfectly delightful. As an example: when we recently watch “Frozen”, both girls wore a princess dress created to match the dress Princess Anna wore during her coronation! The girls also have a Princess Merida dress (Frozen) along with the requisite bow and arrow, and of course they have Cinderella, Snow White, and Princess Bride dresses. We do indulge them! But they love those movies and the characters.