If it’s not already evident to you based on what you’ve read thus far on this site, I have admittedly eclectic tastes, both literally and figuratively.

By the time Friday night rolls around, I can’t wait to shift activities from work-related activities to those with a more “personal” bent by doing things that I absolutely love. I work hard, play harder – that’s my motto and creed.

Of course during the period I was laid up disabled after getting injured skate boarding, I didn’t tdo too much. In fact, after my initial application for Social Security disability benefits was denied, I spent a lot of time trying to figure out what I did wrong. And then after my Reconsideration request was denied, I was really fuming and brilliantly decided to just find some SS disability lawyers who could help out. Smartest thing I did through the whole frustrating process. My lawyer pulled together additional info, prepped me for the administrative hearing and guided me through. I won the hearing and was then able to relax. And what did I do? Considering I couldn’t do much since I was still recovering I just decided to spend my time enjoying some online wagering!

So here, now that I am back, I’ll let you in on a little secret. While my friends look forward to spending each and every Friday night on a dance floor somewhere, getting embarrassingly inebriated, and essentially making sure that the morning after is filled with as much regret and guilt as possible, I decided to grow up into a responsible, mature adult. And I prove how responsible and mature I am by playing my favorite online casino games and online slots for money. Simply knowing that online gambling is restricted to adults 18 or over (check the laws in your jurisdiction!) makes me feel more mature!

As far as online casinos go, I tend to spend most of my time at Go Casino, Cherry Red Casino and Crazy Slots. Let me break it down as to why:

I signed up at Go Casino about 3 months ago, partly because I couldn’t believe that an online casino would give out as much as $20,000 in free money to gamble with (it’s $20,000 across 20 deposits, so it breaks down to a maximum of $1,000 per each deposit that you make). For example, you put in $1,000 (or $100 or $10, etc), they’ll match it so you have $2,000 in the bank.

Cherry Red Casino has been on the scene for a while, and they’ve never lost an ounce of their classiness. Plus their online casino games are powered by RealTime Gaming, one of my favorite software developers ‘cuz I’m a sucker for cartoony (and genuinely funny) characters and themes.

At Crazy Slots, I can get my slot game on – which, as I’ll explain further elsewhere on this site, is exceptional indeed. They too have an extremely strong welcome bonus offering, $12,500 across 15 deposits.

** Update **
Due to some very recent changes in the law there are some very serious changes coming to the online poker scene. Make sure you keep your eyes open for a whole new breed of sites offering the ability to wager online. It is surely to be an exciting time & we are certainly looking forward to it tremendously. We will be watching for new information & always trying to keep our site & page up to date. If you want to reach out to us please feel free but be patient when waiting for a response. We will try to respond to you in the order we received your message.

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