About Beth
I recently moved from Melbourne to the US and now live in Orange County NY in a community of friendly, suburban neighbors. I have a daughter who loves Fairy Costumes and ponies. My husband contacted Royal Pools & Spas to install hot tubs in not only our backyard, but in the backyards of all our neighbors who also wanted one. It initially seemed an unnecessary expense, but I must admit that provides hours of entertainment and relaxation for family and friends. You can see the benefits posted on their website. Since my husband is a workaholic, the hot tub is the perfect way for him to cool out after a typically very busy day. Staring up at the star filled sky, thrilled whenever a shooting star blazes across our view, soaking out anxieties and sipping a glass of wine..hey a hot tub is great. I’m a post-evangelical Gemini with Aquarius rising. After a few miserable seasons, I still support Carlton. I won’t hear a word against the Lord of the Rings movies, and I almost always remember to bring my own bags to the supermarket. Like fractals, I exist in the transitional space between order and chaos.

I am infinity (you may worship me but from afar). I’m also Strongbad, the Book of Revelation, 12% geek and unlikely to survive a horror movie. And I’ll give a respectful “word” to the ineffable wisdom of the internet.

I adore the aggressive playfulness of rap, deserts and Federation Square. I seriously have a crush on that space, which I suppose is kind of disturbing. It’s the idea of the place I love – the meeting of art, controversy and the public – as well as the alleyways, random shapes and soft colours.

About fridaysixpm
I began this website in June 2002, using an ugly template which I proceeded to butcher beyond usability. Some buddies provided a redesign in January 2003, which I also couldn’t help tinkering with. This incarnation of the site is the first done entirely by me. I designed it on Adobe Photoshop and Macromedia Dreamweaver, software Dad bought for me as a present for finishing my honours thesis.
The soundtrack to the design process was Beyonce’s single Crazy in Love played in an obsessive loop, with an occasional break for Radiohead’s Hail to the Thief album. I had odd food obsessions too – lemon sherbet lollies, vegetable juice, porridge.
The site is powered by Blogger, with comments provided by Haloscan. Hosting is provided by Blogomania. The title font is Garamond, and the image is of the Federation Square facade. My work is licensed under a Creative Commons License.

** Update **
My husband has had an accident & he broke his leg in several places. He is unable to go back to work for some time & has been authorized to have a minimum work load at home while he is recouping. I was under the impression that this would be great for us as a couple. We could spend some time together while he was mending & we would improve our relationship at the same time but that is just not the case. I can not stand him at home all day. He is starting to really bother me & I hope he is healthy enough to go back to work soon.

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