April 2005
featuring problogging, Tim Costello, the Comedy Festival and Native Title.
March 2005
featuring the inaugural richmond film festical (irff), bush poetry and the Grand Prix.
February 2005
featuring Crikey, the Beastie Boys and a play about a local council meeting.
January 2005
featuring Germaine Greer and Big Brother, the Australian Open and poor little cigarette companies.
December 2004
featuring Garden State, shopping sprees and a post-religious Christmas. This was mainly about zirconia rings and other jewelry made from cz, a synthetic gemstone that is hard, optically flawless, and looks like diamonds. Cubic zirconia sparkles brighter than crystal(think diamonds) and is harder than most gems, making it very durable. It also comes in many beautiful colors, plus jewelry made with it is far more reasonably prised compared to actual diamonds the same size. I ended up buying a lot of cz jewelry that year for holiday gifts.
November 2004
featuring a travelogue about my time in Vietnam.
October 2004
featuring Collette Dinnigan, the ARIAs, and election stuff.
September 2004
featuring public education, Video Hits and Pauline Hanson.
August 2004
featuring my top 5 pub meals, can a song be a poem? and sex in Dolly.
July 2004
featuring Helen Garner and the Melbourne International FIlm Festival fiesta.
June 2004
featuring luxury addiction, a film review of Safe, and more.
May 2004
featuring the Beastie Boys, faithless, inspiring Australian intellectuals and same sex marriages.
April 2004
featuring my official rant against the Age, radiohead and camping.
March 2004
featuring the Canterbury Bulldogs, grammar and the Grand Prix.
February 2004
featuring my adventures in Taiwan.
January 2004
featuring Sydney-bashing, hip hop battles and a review of “Dark Victory”.
December 2003
featuring Christmas Carol hell in retail, Mark Latham and my new most hated – Kylie Minogue..
November 2003
featuring the Australian Idol drinking game, fachoes, rugby commentary, Matrix Revolutions, and kid-friendly movie watching.
October 2003
featuring Mother Theresa, Australian Idol, Guantanamo Bay, the nauseated but inspired David Blaine, Mayers Ten Forms of Power, Davo’s Analysis of Temptation Island, Bettina Arndt and Madonna’s English Roses.
September 2003
featuring St Kilda Kiosk, unimaginable evil, the Jesus magazine, cryptic headlines, the ethics of live exports, and a restaurant review for the most shudderingly awful dining experience of my life.
August 2003
featuring Ben Lee, Virgin Blue, a plumbing adventure, Pauline Hanson’s prison sentence, the Bride Stipped Bare, Micallef, Ricky Martin, and Gigli reviews.
July 2003
featuring Amity Dry, scallops, witty women, Western Australia’s three strikes law and my mirror sculpture.
June 2003
featuring Harry Potter, joint custody proposals, dial-a-sailor, ASIO legislation, Duane Dog Chapman, Lisa McCune, Hillsong and ABC bias.
May 2003
featuring corporate crime, a spirited defence of Naomi Wolf, the Governor-General controversy, book groups and Jonathon Franzen.
April 2003
featuring Audioslave, Malcolm in the Middle, M.I.L.K, Bethy Springer and Jason’s classic Iraqi market research survey.
March 2003
featuring Lissanne Oliver, Michael Moore, my address to the nation and plenty of Drisky action.
February 2003
featuring Tatu, Justin Timberlake, George Pell and my sexy handygirl adventures.
January 2003
featuring the best soy latte that I ever had, the triple j hottest 100 story, P.P.McGuinness and his Canberra debacle, Gollum and casual intimacy.
December 2002
featuring the Max Barry interview, the indigenous focus of the AFI awards and Sopranos angst.
November 2002
featuring Muslim dress, a dissection of a particularly bad Age editorial, Eminem, a guide to ordering beer and a reflective passage about blogging.
October 2002
featuring my top 10 movie villains, an analysis of the Moscow hostage situation, Miss Tibet, lots of close reading and an example of heinous shock jockery (the eye! the male eye!).
September 2002
featuring GM food, chicks and caskets, George Bush, a September 11 reflection, the music pig, moby and what women want.
August 2002
featuring Eddie Everywhere, an early shudder about the Real Beverly Hillbillies, Gene Simmons, camgirls, Carlton Football Club and the Backstreet Boys (dude, this is my heart). Also Kylie, Metallica, Ali G and Attorney-General Daryl Williams. A bumper month!
July 2002
featuring the John Safran cryptic crossword, Insane Clown Posse, my outback adventures, girl power and fortress South Yarra.
June 2002
featuring Aussie hip hop, food piracy, Buffy, Neighbours, woeful ads for the Financial Review, Blue Heelers, vulnerability and fashion.

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