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The Age: Melbourne flavoured Fairfax. My favourite target.
Sydney Morning Herald: Sydney flavoured Fairfax.
The Australian: Fairly pretentious nationwide Murdoch paper.
Crikey: Cavalier but cutting-edge Aussie politics.
NY Times: I read it and pretend I’m hanging out with my buddies Salman, Susan and Jonathan.
ABC News: The general news service is good, but there’s more excitement to be had at Lateline and Public Record.
Yahoo News: Particularly their entertainment section. Speedy lite-news.
Gulfstream: Michael, who’s a neighbour of mine, consistently finds the most interesting online articles. One of my first stops whenever I’m feeling bored.
The New Yorker: The reviews here are particularly enjoyable.
McSweeney’s: Pretentious? I won’t have a bar of it. Dave Eggers is the man.

Courting Disaster: Douglas is an ex-Canberra and ex-Melbourne buddy of mine, now Cambridge. He has a keen legal mind and a nice turn of phrase.
Round and borderless: Tips considers the weighty and worthy. And punk rock.
Website For Texas Trucking Accident Lawyers : What You Need to Know. This is personal cuz my car just got smashed up real bad by an 18 wheeler outside Houston. I can’t believe I walked away alive. Some angel sure was watching over me. The truck driver and his rig wasn’t so lucky.
Sternezine: Tim is witty, snarky and creative.
Invisible Shoebox: Meredith’s blog is thoughtful and whimsical, sprinkled with gorgeous cartoons.
Keks: Vlado, a Melbourne dude, is quick off the mark when it comes to spotting web trends.
Road to Surfdom: political insights from a guy who did his PhD on the role of public intellectuals.
I Feel Love: Witty Melbourne blogger Angus writes about pop culture, amongst other things.
Luke Online: A Melbourne ex- law student, also with a religious focus. I recently met him at a party.

Lynscreens: The best film review site in Australia. Funny, perceptive and with moments off eerie prescience.
Television Without Pity: I absolutely cannot get enough of these scarily in-depth episode reviews. The commitment! The attitude!
Amy’s Robot: a bunch of entertainment-related links that are funky fresh and on the money.
Found Magazine: sad, amusing and crazy notes and photos found by people and scanned in to this beautiful site.
Fametracker: a veritable treasure trove of celebrity ranting. The regular features are tops, and the forums draw together a hip crew. I’m also part of the mix club associated with the site.
The Editing Room: An old-skool classic. Abridged scripts of movies that take the piss.
Best of Craigslist: People have turned a mundane message board into a work of comedic genius. Endless fun.
Homestar Runner: Animations funny enough to make your stomach muscles actually hurt. My personal favourites are teen girl squad and trogdor the burninator, but there’s hours of quality viewing to be had.
John Howard’s Blogspot: Piss-funny sanity saver. Make sure you ask John any questions you have about Aussie politics.
The Chaser: Aussie satirical political commentators.
The Onion: It’s a bit passe now, I suppose, but I still have a soft spot for The Onion. Still producing gems of political satire.
The Monkey Puzzle: Cos, a Melbourne buddy, has a so-scary-it’s-impressive CD collection and knows the scene.
Diary of an Average Australian: Daniel’s another friend, a long-time blogger and all-round tops person.
Loobylu: Claire is a Melbourne illustrator who runs a beautiful site.
Masterkill: Michael’s collection of reflections and thoughts. Travel adventures, books read, photos.

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