Some people on the road go as low as 10 or 15 miles an hour under the speed limit all of the time. I just can’t, for the life of me, figure out why they drive that slow. I actually know some people who drive that slow, I have had to follow them somewhere on occasion. I have asked them their opinion. They feel that the only way to be safe and avoid trouble with the police is to go that slow. I do not want to be the one to tell them that they are just wasting their life by doing that.

They are probably wasting years and years from their total life by driving that slow but I guess that they could make the same argument about me too. Either way once I am done with traffic for the day and have made it home to relax it is a turning point for my whole day. That usually happens right around 6 PM everyday. I have come to love this time of day for that reason. It is the time of day that I spend all day dreaming about and it is really the time when I can break free from the bonds of oppression that come from my job. I can finally relax.

The other night I was online looking at parks and cities in Australia that have trails and guided tours. I came across a holiday destination guide for guide to Brisbane, Australia. It was written by an Australia woman by the name of Aunt Mary who discussed several of its great attractions. However, because she is an avid gardener, she focused on the Brisbane Botanic Gardens. On another page of the website she discusses the Grampians National Park and the Grampians Heath Myrtle (Thryptomene calycina), a beautiful shrub found growing wild on the park’s rocky mountainsides. The park, made entirely of sandstone, which has eroded into several separate mountain ranges, was home to the aboriginal people who lived there for 20,000 years before western people arrived. Amazingly,the sandstone that makes up the park is so old that it does not contain fossils since it was actually formed before their time. I bookmarked this site and will return to read more.

I am not a heavy drinker but a couple of times a week when I get home I have a beer or a mixed beverage. I like rum & coke the best to tell you the truth. I do not regularly have more than one drink a night but I think it is acceptable when I do. Really I love 6 PM because at that moment my options are limitless. I can stay home alone with friends or with my girlfriend. I could head out to the lake for some night fishing. I could go down to the strip for some people watching. I could eat out or eat in. I can do anything my little heart desires at 6 PM. It is the best.

It turns out that on most occasions I just stay home anymore. I am getting too old to be out half the night then unwinding the other half. I like to spend my time walking the dog and hanging out with my girl more often than not. That is heaven in it’s own right you know. People don’t always have to find bigger & better adventures. I enjoy the time I have as much as anyone climbing mountains or jumping out of planes. Maybe even more since I don’t have to worry so much about dying suddenly as a result of something crazy that I’ve done to myself. The bottom line is that 6 PM brings untold joy to my world & I know that even though it may not be 6 PM, you probably know exactly what I am talking about.

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